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Forty years of fond memories of the founding of then Aluglass (Pty) Limited, which later became Aluglass Bautech (Pty) Ltd, was first registered in December 1973 and started trading in 1974. Owned by three (3) Shareholders, and later remained with two namely: Mr. W.P. Eichhorn and C. Hüppe who bought out one of the original shareholders in 1978 until 1981 after selling Hüppe Germany followed by South African linked businesses.

Mr. W.P Eichhorn became the only remaining shareholder, who was joined by his family and a subsidiary of Gypsum Industries Ltd (a Public company) and Donn (Pty) Limited. It was until 1988, when Mr. W.P. Eichhorn and Family bought Donn’s share, that it became privately owned together with other group companies through E.Z Investments. Today Mr. W.P. Eichhorn, Mr. Niels Eichhorn and Mr. Brian Rajchrt are shareholders and continue to be hands on in the daily running of the Company, with special emphasis on the ‘young generation’ taking on more and more responsibilities. Which is why Aluglass Bautech is not just a Business but a space for innovation, creativity, companionship, solution providing products from a team of likeminded people, motivated by ideals of “Good to Great”.

It is in this spirit that Aluglass Bautech will continue to attract the good and strive for great, with a leadership style that epitomises discipline and innovation in action, for sustainable socio-economic development, social responsibility and education, in accordance to our core values of Accountability, Teamwork and Service Delight. Part of the growing process is to embody these values and embrace as a way of life.

40 years on, we are successfully optimising the connection between people and spaces. Firmly established as a manufacturer and supplier of exceptional quality products for the high end residential and commercial market. Specialising in customised solutions for mobile non- and acoustic partitioning (glass & wood), energy sun control products, framed and frameless shower doors, and glass bricks.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to produce innovative products that are both eco-friendly and beneficial to preserving the sustainability of our green environment. Aluglass Bautech's vision is to always be the preferred supplier as a result of consistent and good quality products and service.

Transitioning towards optimal environments is our pro-active element of the vision one that is conscious of modernity and globalisation. Therefore, everything we do is meticulously customised and efficiently made to meet the needs of customers, in a manner that ensures that particular results or function is achieved. Within this culture team development is integral in ensuring quick and efficient implementation where innovation is duplicated and turned into products/features that make part of Aluglass Bautech's standard offering to be marketed and sold through our distribution network. Forming the basis for our transactional marketing efforts that have direct impact on what is known as the 4P’s: Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotion, where we can positively contribute and maintain balance in the market. Traditionally, our innovations have focused on Functional Elegance and continue to, where products or features are tailored to meet world class standards, and as leaders in quality and sustainability, our intention is to maintain and turn this professional culture of Functional Elegance into a lifestyle by maximising and optimising the environments' ambience.