Clotan Steel AutoSpec


Clotan Steel started off on a very small scale in 1983 by selling blanked galvanized sheets that were decoiled manually from mother coils and cut to specified lengths with a primitive guillotine.

The client base consisted exclusively of informal businesses that manufactured handmade galvanized items such as buckets etc. This low overhead business was conducted in order to maintain some sort of cash flow while, simultaneously, an IBR profile roof sheeting roll former was being manufactured from scratch on the premises. The IBR roll former went into operation after 21 months. With limited finances, hard work and endurance by the owners and staff of four, a new business was born.

One thing led to another and more roof sheeting roll formers were built so that by 1990 a total of two corrugated plants, the original IBR plant and an additional wide span plant were all in operation. Additional value was added to the profiled products when curving, bull nosing and cranking of sheets to customer specification were introduced. A trading section for steel and roofing accessories also came into operation soon afterwards.

Continuous growth brought further capital investments in the form of a second IBR line, a state-of-the-art slitting and open section roll forming line that were housed in a factory specially constructed for that purpose.

The turn of the millennium has coincided with a period of unprecedented growth for Clotan Steel State-of-the-art roll forming lines, flashing benders, Craft-Lock® concealed fixing systems, a Cut-to-length line and mobile gutter units have all successfully been added to our arsenal of products.

A successful farming division in the Southern parts of the Free State province emphasizes the company's entrepreneurial spirit, and furthermore proves that no horizon is unreachable.


Clotan Steel is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, youthful energy and ability to do things differently. The identity that has evolved since its inception in 1983 could be characterized by creativity, innovation and - despite almost unbelievable growth over the years- the stubborn unwillingness to submit to a "big company" syndrome.

The entrepreneurial traits, so vital to business as it rockets into the new millennium at an unprecedented pace with ever changing markets, new demands and technology, are still cultivated today with the same enthusiasm and care as on the first day that the company started to carve out its existence in a rock hard marketplace.


At Clotan Steel we believe in people and the humanness of Organizations. As implied by our credo "Ora et Labora" (Pray and work), environmental responsibility and ethical business practices are important values to us.

We also believe that business is about people. Therefore, we are interested in where organizations and their people originated and want to know about those defining experiences that shaped and molded them. As the (his) stories of others are important to us in forging lasting relationships, we would also like to share our story with you.