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Established in 2008, Cubicle Solutions has rapidly grown into one of the key players in compact laminate fabrication solutions for 100% moisture resistant toilet and shower cubicles, lockers, benches, locker-bench combined and urinal divisions.

The company was founded when CEO Alan Hadcroft, who has extensive construction industry experience, responded to a request for a watertight shower system. His research indicated that a Compact High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) would be a viable solution. Hadcroft had worked successfully with this product locally with renowned international suppliers.

Cubicle Solutions now manufacture a unique system for water resistant ablution cubicles, lockers and benches for all kind of installation or application. The company`s solutions are flexible and the Cubicle Solutions′ team works with clients from the design stage until the completion of installation to ensure that the product is correctly customised, installed and that the client is satisfied.

The systems are extremely robust and hard wearing and can be utilised practically anywhere but are ideally suited to high traffic water and/or steam environments in areas such as commercial spaces, hospitals and sporting facilities, public ablution blocks and correctional facilities. The product is also ideal for hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, food preparation areas, day care centres, doctors‘rooms and laboratories.

The system has several unique and important advantages. In addition to the watertight or water resistant features, the system is exceptionally hygienic as there is no trim along the edges for dust and dirt to collect and no sealants are required where fungi can grow. The system also allows for a better airflow than traditional brick and tile toilets, it saves space, which is a key factor as space is often at a premium in toilet facilities, and cubicles are quicker, easier and cleaner to install.

Cubicle Solutions manufactures all its products utilising one of the variants of the 100% moisture resistant Compact High Pressure Laminate, which is available in a range of attractive finishes. The Compact High Pressure Laminate is supplied by international suppliers based in South Africa including PG Bison and Max-on-Top and comes with all associated warranties and guarantees.

The various boards utilised for customised applications include Melamine Faced Particle Board, Melamine Faced Particle Board with Moisture Resistant Additives, Compact High Pressure Laminate (eco-friendly this is the preferred compact solid laminated board and is highly recommended for most applications, especially where eco-friendly and sustainable choices are required).

The Cubicle Solutions′ range utilises two main installation fitting systems—the Cube-Exclusive and the Cube-Standard range.

The Cube-Exclusive Cubicle System uses a fixing system manufactured from stainless steel and most ranges are available in grade 304 or 316 steel.

The Cube-Standard Cubicle System uses a fixing system manufactured from aluminium and is available in various different styles and ranges. This fixing system had an aluminium extrusion running along the top of the partitions with adjustable, supporting legs. There are no steel or aluminium trims to the side or bottom edges of the partitions or doors ensuring that the utmost hygiene is offered in sensitive environments. This system ensures no dust or dirt can collect in corners and when the cubicles are manufactured using Compact High Pressure Laminate, can be washed or hosed down.

Cubicle Solutions are committed to providing flexible customisations that meet their client’s needs through all stages of the construction process and have developed a well-earned reputation for innovative, flexible, cost-effective and exceptionally functional solutions.