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About Dulux Paints

Paint is an emotional statement and allows you the freedom to express yourself in the most personal and creative ways. Dulux makes paint more than just a coloured, protective coating as our range of colours represents every shade on the colour wheel.

Dulux offers colours ranging from bright vibrant shades to more subdued, muted tones. In conjunction with this, a wide range of products and paint techniques are offered by Dulux, which allow you to transform your home into something extraordinary. Some of these techniques include Wood graining, Tiling, Antique Tuscan, Striping, Stencilling and Colour Wash, which can be used to hide minor imperfections or simply change the style and setting of a room

Dulux is one of the world's leading premium paint brands and is marketed around the world.


Dulux (Pty) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of AECI Limited, one of the leading industrial groups in Southern Africa. AECI is a public company involved in joint ventures with various major corporations and is a leading supplier of explosives, fibres, chemicals and related products to key sectors of the Southern African economy.

Position in the Southern African Paint Industry

Over the past seventy years, Dulux (Pty) Limited has become one of the leading surface coating suppliers in Southern Africa. Dulux enjoys strong market leadership as an innovator and supplier of high-performance products to a wide variety of industries.


An extensive sales and distribution network in South Africa is supported by strategically placed ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing plants and distribution centres. Dulux also plays a major role throughout the rest of Southern Africa with several subsidiaries in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Malawi and Namibia.

The Future

In all that we do, there is a clear understanding that the long-term interests of our customers are strongly linked with our own. We have grown through a tradition of partnerships, innovation, technology and service excellence. It is these elements that will characterise our future.

Business Philosophy

The Dulux strategy is focused on market leadership in Southern Africa. This leadership represents a commitment to exceptional performance and style in customer service, marketing creativity and technological innovation. Nothing assumes a higher priority than customer service and we seek to build partnerships that enhance the prosperity of our customers. Safety, health, environmental and legislated requirements are a minimum requirement and performance is world-class.


Dulux is committed to securing world-class technology. A commitment that is supported by highly rated technology links with leading paint companies around the world together with highly trained and experienced chemists and technicians working in modern laboratory facilities. As a result, the company has technologically superior and innovative products and systems that are at the forefront in the South African decorative surface coatings industry.