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Everite Building Products, wholly owned by JSE listed Group Five, has been associated with the South African building industry since 1941. Producing a wide range of materials that satisfy the needs of the commercial, industrial and residential market sectors, Everite is renowned for its comprehensive range of Nutec Roofing and Cladding Solutions and includes fibre-cement roofing, cladding, ceilings and building columns amongst others.

Extensive research and development spanning more than 20 years has resulted in introducing an environmentally friendly material - asbestos-free Nutec, to replace the traditional fibre-cement material.

Initially launched in the late 1980s with the manufacture of asbestos-free Nutec flat sheets, the Nutec formula is now applied to all products and components manufactured by Everite Building Products since December 2002.

Nutec fibre-cement high performance properties and added benefits include: the use of safe renewable fibres; considerable tensile strengthwith enhanced dynamic load bearing properties; excellent thermal properties; water and wind resistance; hail resistance; fire resistance and resistance to fungus, rodents and acid.

A programme of quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of the International Standards Organisation (ISO 9001:2008) is entrenched in Everite's process and management systems. Quality of all products is continuously monitored as specified by the South African National Standards and recognised international bodies.

Everite's 54 hectare manufacturing facility near Johannesburg is well located and has immediate access to all major road and rail links to national destinations and major ports. The company has branches located at major centres throughout South Africa.Nutec products are distributed through leading stockists countrywide and an established export market further endorses the international acceptance of the Nutec Roofing and Cladding Solutions range of products.


  • Nutec Slate Roofing

  • The Nutec Roofing Slate range offers designers and specifiers freedom and flexibility when functional, aesthetic and cost criteria need to be met. Nutec Roof Slates are the ideal roofing or cladding material to use on any project where class, character and individuality are of prime importance. The precise detail of the application and consistent appearance ensure an excellent finish.

  • Nutec Fascia and Barge Boards

  • The comprehensive range of Nutec Fascia and Barge Boards from Everite have been designed to suit virtually any roof, whether slates, tiles or sheeting. They provide a functional finish by protecting the underlying timber structure from the elements, as well as adding visual impact to the building. Nutec Fascia and Barge Boards are ideal to cover up or replace weathered or rotten timber fascias and boards on old buildings.

    In high wind areas barge boards form an important component of the roof structure, as they protect slates or tiles from being dislodged by the wind at the gable ends.

  • Nutec Ceiling Boards, Nucornice and Everite Ceiling Insulation

  • The application of Nutec Ceiling Boards goes beyond the regular flat look. Raking or cathedral style ceilings installed between roof rafters creates a luxurious and spacious look to any room at an affordable price. Nutec Ceiling Boards are available in a plain or textured timber-grain like finish that simulates the look of real timber.

    Nutec plain and textured ceiling boards are extensively used as nail-up ceilings and as an all-purpose building board for other interior and exterior applications. Not only are these products ideal for general use indoors, but because these products are not affected by moisture and are therefore ideal for use in damp areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and verandas, as well as for under eaves linings.

    And to add that perfect finish for any ceiling the Nucornice from Everite provides simple style and elegance where it's needed.

    Everite Ceiling Insulation is a must when hi performance sound and thermal insulation is a pre requisite.

  • Nutec Suspended Ceiling Boards

  • Finishing of concrete roof ceilings is easily achieved by installing a Nutec Suspended Ceiling. This solution is cost effective and is an affordable way to hide fixtures and wiring to the underside of the slab. The suspended ceiling technique allows for easy access to wiring or plumbing connections in shallow roof spaces.

    Nutec Suspended Ceiling Boards are available in a plain or vinyl clad finish. For enhanced insulation, Nutec Thermoclad Suspended Ceiling Boards come with a 25 mm insulation backing. Nutec Suspended Ceiling Boards exhibit the same performance properties as Nutec Brandered Ceiling boards and are ideal when used in a suspended ceiling assembly to the underside of concrete slabs, traditional timber construction and lightweight steel frame roofing.

    Nutec Suspended Ceiling Boards fit the bill perfectly when used in the exposed grid suspended ceiling system. Nutec Vinyl-Clad range provides the permanent finish where the specification calls for high performance commensurate with low maintenance.

  • Nutec Cladding, Walling and Facades

  • Nutec high-density and medium density flat sheets provide considerable scope for design flexibility and creative expression.

    Nutec flat sheet are an economical, multi-purpose building board that can be used in diverse exterior and interior applications, ranging from floor decking, cladding of timber and light steel frame structures, eaves linings and fascias to ceilings, partitioning and panelling. Nutec flat sheets are available in medium and high density, a variety of thicknesses and sizes and are supplied in a neutral colour that can accept a wide variety of coatings and paints.

    The range includes Nutec Tongue & Groove which features a realistic wood grain finish and is suitable for use in a variety of applications, both interior and exterior. Supplied in a natural colour and, as it is compatible with a variety of paints, the timber-like finish can be enhanced with wood stain varnishes or paint techniques.

  • Nutec Building Planks

  • Nutec Building Planks provide an out of the ordinary solution for external and internal cladding. Usually installed in a ship lapped pattern, the product is available in a plain (Nutec Classic) and textured finish (Nutec Vermont) which gives the realistic look and feel of timber. Application possibilities range from facades for upmarket complexes to the external skin of timber and light weight steel framed structures. Nutec Building Plank is ideally suited for upgrading facades or adding a striking look to new developments.

  • Nutec Windowsills

  • Nutec Windowsills are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Available in lengths to suit standard steel window frames and widths for standard wall thicknesses, Nutec Windowsills are also available in lengths that can be cut to suit non-standard steel, wood and aluminium window frames. Supplied with a smooth finish in their natural colour, Nutec Windowsills do not require any surface treatment for protection. However, a clear wax polish can be applied to enrich the natural colour, or they can be painted on site with any Acrylic PVA water based paint without pre-treatment.

  • Nutec Building Columns

  • Due to the inherent properties of Nutec, the columns are strong, durable and can be used as a permanent shuttering for reinforced concrete. Contemporary trends in architecture show that columns are being used internally and externally for functional and aesthetic considerations. A selection of Nutec header and footers complete the column installation.