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Flow Systems Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd was born in 1975 from a background of expertise in designing and building machinery. It progressed into the field of access control to satisfy companies, institutions and individuals who needed an innovative approach to security, providing the solutions they required and incorporating flair, vision and expertise in those solutions.

Over the past twenty five years, our expertise in machine design, together with experience in personnel and vehicle access control, have enabled us to introduce a wide range of product innovations. Whether our customers simply need orderly entrances and exit control, or high-security with metal detection and bullet resistant access control with the emphasis on safety and aesthetics, we are able to supply the solution.

Flow Systems' access and time control equipment is used in many industries and our customers come from spheres as diverse as mining, banking, electricity, motor manufacture, security and property. Our roots are firmly established in South Africa, but the quality of our products has taken us into the rest of Africa and beyond, to Europe and the United Kingdom. With trade barriers no longer a problem in the new South Africa we are eagerly exploring further export possibilities while ensuring that our local customers remain a priority. We have made a point of adhering strictly to our motto of Quality, Reliability and Continuity which, combined with our adaptability and resultant client loyalty, has helped to put us in the position of market leader.

High-tech access control requires the exceptional level of service provided by Flow Systems Manufacturers. Our factory is equipped with excellent machinery and is operated to provide optimum efficiency and quality. Our staff have been with us for many years and both artisans and managers are committed to the high standards which we set. We are proud of the standards we set that other companies must follow, and we remember at all times our watchwords, which are our customers' guarantee for the future - Quality, Reliability and Continuity.

With our expertise in machine design and 25 years of experience in personnel and vehicle access control, we've introduced a wide range of our product innovations. Our range caters for entrances where the desired control is no more than orderly entrance and exit, right up to high security metal detection and bullet-resistant access control, with a strong emphasis on safety and aesthetics.


We can provide you with a detailed report of the operation, keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. We aim to pay particular attention to environmental aspects, aesthetic requirements, degree of control and impenetrability, installation requirements, space considerations, ease of upgrading and urgency of installation.


Equipment is installed by skilled and experienced staff. We remain involved throughout the process, assisting with the necessary co-ordination between contractors - from site preparation to installation.


Our enduring concern with our clients means that no sale is ever final. With Flow Systems you are assured of on-going service from a company with a great track record.