GROHE Warranty

Guarantee Declaration

Our products correspond to the valid technical and water supply standards as well as the relevant approvals requirements. We guarantee them to be free of design and production faults at the time of delivery and that with correct use and care in accordance with our printed instructions they will function reliably.

Guarantee Period

The guarantee is valid in private homes for 10 years from the purchase date. Proof of purchase has to be provided when making a guarantee claim. By use in commercial or institutional applications the guarantee is valid for 1 year after first use. An extension of the guarantee up to 5 years can be achieved by showing that the product is professionally maintained each year. To make a guarantee claim, proof of purchase or, the beginning of use is required. The guarantee period is not renewed or increased through supply of spare parts or repair during the guarantee period. The guarantee period for purchased spare parts is 1 year.

Guarantee Performance

During the whole guarantee period we will correct all functional defects for which we are responsible (limitations see E) + F). It is at our option if we correct the defects by repair or replacement. During the above guarantee period we will not charge for the cost of parts, travel, working time, freight and packaging needed to effect the correction of defects. If we are not able to correct the defect we are prepared to supply a replacement product. Deliberate or careless damage is not covered by this guarantee. If the installation, assembly or care instructions that were valid at the time of installation are not followed or the product is used for a purpose other than that given in the written information the guarantee declaration does not apply. Problems caused by dirt, lime-scale or aggressive cleaners are not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee becomes void if repairs are not carried out competently or spare parts of non GROHE origin are used. Replaced parts become the property of GROHE and are to be surrendered to our service personnel or sent to our registered offices.

GROHE Innovations

GROHE TurboStat®

GROHE TurboStat® technology protects water and the environment by reaching the desired temperature 40% faster and using 20% less energy.

GROHE DreamSpray®

GROHE DreamSpray® shower technology which lies at the heart of all GROHE showers requires up to 30% less water to deliver a perfect shower.

GROHE SilkMove®

Smoothest handling of the lever within an extra generous operating angle creates effortless precision and ultimate comfort.


Effortlessly save water and energy.

GROHE QuickFix™

Ultrafast and simple installation.

GROHE Whisper®

The soothing sound of a gentle and continuous stream of water without any noise or water hammering.

GROHE StarLight®

Radiant long-life shine due to GROHE chromium finish that produces an absolute immaculate surface that resists soil and tarnishing.

GROHE CoolTouch®

Ensures there is no risk of scalding on hot chrome surfaces.

GROHE Digital®

Digital intelligence for effortless control and outstanding comfort.