Effortlessly save water and energy with GROHE EcoJoy™ technology.  
GROHE EcoJoy™ reflects our commitment to the environment and is already included in a number of established products, such as our thermostats, dual flush sanitary systems or electronic faucets. Now, the smart, sophisticated designs of selected single-lever mixers and showers have been made even smarter. These new products feature integrated water-saving technologies that restrict flow rates, allowing you to reduce water consumption without sacrificing on performance or design. The result is less environmental impact and reduced running costs.
Reducing water consumption means less water needs to be heated for your perfect shower or for a comfortable temperature at the washbasin. Water savings thereby generate energy savings, resulting in substantial cost savings for both resources. Choose GROHE EcoJoy™ products for new constructions, or to replace existing fixtures, and effortlessly reduce your water consumption.
All GROHE EcoJoy™ products effortlessly save water and energy while delivering the perfect water flow.