GROHE Turbostat®

For convenience, comfort and safety, our thermostats feature GROHE TurboStat® Technology
The GROHE TurboStat® is the fastest and most accurate shower thermostat available in the world today. GROHE pioneered thermostat technology over half a century ago and we are still leading the way today.

GROHE has increased the sensitivity of the thermo element and re-evaluated the internal waterways. Therefore, allowing our thermostats to react to abrupt changes of water pressure two times faster than before, and making them up to nine times more accurate in terms of temperature setting than our leading competitor.
With GROHE TurboStat®, the desired temperature is reached in a fraction of a second and maintained for the duration of your shower (even if someone else turns on a faucet in another part of the home). Resulting in a comfortable, ultra safe and satisfying shower.

Super fast and super accurate temperature control which delivers convenience, comfort and total safety for the user
Customer benefits
Temperature peaks are hardly noticeable, even during sudden pressure fluctuations in the water supply. The control speed is at least 2 times faster ensuring comfort and safety, additionally; it helps to save water and money.