Valley Flashing Profile

Standard lengths:

Available thickness:

1800mm, 3000mm and 3600mm

 0.4mm (Z160), 0.5mm (Z275), 0.6mm (Z275)

Manufactured from SABS-quality galvanised steel varying in thickness depending on individual needs and 
architects specifications.  

Valley flashing is manufactured in one size only.  

As seen on the drawing above, it has 225mm on either side of the bend with a short lip on both 
sides to prevent water from running off the flashing. 

Valley flashing is used in the valley of a roof where two roofs join together.  This is probably the most efficient
way to effectively seal a valley on a roof.


A good quality acrylic PVA paint should be used to paint the galvanised material which will ensure a durable
stylish installation that will last many years.