Standard lengths:

Available thickness:

1800mm and 3000mm

 0.4mm (Z160), 0.5mm (Z275), 0.6mm (Z275)

Manufactured from SABS-quality galvanised steel varying in thickness depending on individual needs and
architects specifications. 

Combination cover flashing is a combination of an ordinary cover flashing with an additional band to 
ensure a durable installation in the groove that occurs when an opening is ground into the wall to fit a 
flashing for sealing purposes.
The short side of the flashing with the 45 bend is pushed into the groove
(usually 4mm) in the brick wall. After it is pushed into the groove, the material hooks into the opening, 
making it waterproof and extremely difficult to remove again. 

This product is superior in sealing a roof effectively.


A good quality acrylic PVA paint should be used to paint the galvanised material which will ensure a
durable stylish installation that will last many years