construction details


System overview


1= Lay-on tile
2= 15mm-/ 24mm T-grid
3= Rod hanger

A= 1200mm
B= Tile module
C= 250mm



  • Square tiles installed in 15mm or 24mm wide visible T-profiles with a distinctive modular design pattern


  • Tiles are standard available in steel (0.5mm), other materials are available on request
  • Tiles are laid on the bottom flange of the T-profiles creating a semi-flush design



  • Optimal acoustic control by using perforated tiles with a non-woven textile membrane bonded to the inside face
  • Easy demountable tiles, which allows full access to services and equipment in plenum
  • Full adaptability of the system allowing easy repositioning of tiles, services and lighting
  • Base Material: LuxalonŽ Lay-In and Lay-On tiles are available in electrolytic-galvanised steel, phosphatised and chemically treated in accordance with high industrial standards (DIN 1541/BS 1449,part 1:1983/TAIM standards). Zinc coating is double sided and 2.5 microns. Aluminium alloy AL 99.5RA, 3/4 hard (according to DIN 1783) or stainless steel alternatives are also possible, when required
  • Coating: the tough and durable polyester powdercoating finish in a minimal thickness of 60 microns, is electrostatically applied ensuring uniform coating thickness, absolute adhesion, maximum resistance to abrasion. Because LuxalonŽ coatings are applied after perforation and bending process, exposed edges are protected. Standard gloss rate is 15 - 20% at 60° angle of incidence
  • Tolerances: as a member of the Technical Association of Industrial Metal Ceiling Manufacturers (TAIM), Hunter Douglas complies with tolerance criteria as specified in chapter 4 of the TAIM Quality standards for metal. The TAIM standards are available on request 


Fire behaviour

Suspended LuxalonŽ metal ceilings are classified incombustible, and will therefore not contribute to possible fires. When ceilings however need to protect the structural integrity of a building, LuxalonŽ ceilings offer a wide range of practical solutions with regards to fire resistance and fire stability. Further information is available on request.


Material per sqm


Components Unit 600 x 600  625 x 625
Tiles pcs 2.78 2.56
Grid Profile m1 3.34 3.2
Suspension pcs  0.69 0.64