Imison Partitioning and Facade Wall Range


Why use Imison for partitioning walls

The Challenge - Once a building has been gutted, a suitable partitioning wall is needed to create quality living spaces. Until now, this has typically left developers with only two conventional options- Drywall or Brick and therefore we use Imison for partitioning walls.



Imison Walling

Imison™ is a walling technologoy, consisting of primarily of: Neopor® or Styropor/EPS Panels, Light Gauge Steel Columns or In-situ Concrete Columns, Steel Ring Beams and Tracks , Fibrecote™ - High density plaster, Mesh (Fibre or Steel)/.



Imison compared with Brickwalls

Imison's walling technology offers a balance between environmentally sustainable materials and a high quality end product.



Imison Walling by Market Sector

Imison has gained recognition in the construction industry for offering the highest levels of insulation, strength,consistency and simplicity, whilst remaining cost effective.