Imison (PTY) Ltd AutoSpec

About Us

Imison's walling and construction technology offers a balance between environmentally sustainable materials and a high quality end-product. Imison has gained recognition in the construction industry for offering the highest levels of insulation, strength, consistency and simplicity, while remaining cost effective across all economic spectrums.

Since its inception in 1990, the Imison technology has been tested, proven, refined and rolled out as a viable and consistent industry standard. With a look and feel that is comparable to conventional construction methods, the Imison technology has overcome the social acceptance challenges usually associated with alternative construction technologies.

In contrast to many other walling technologies, the quality of Imison walls do not discriminate between different market segments. It has been successfully used in luxury and affordable homes, mass housing, high-rise apartments, hotels, schools, commercial, and industrial buildings and offers the same benefits, regardless of the application.


The Imison walling system comprises mainly of a series of interlocking wall panels, made from Neopor-arguably the best walling insulation technology available to the construction industry today. Imison wall panels are manufactured in licensed manufacturing plants across the globe under strict quality control guidelines, to ensure a consistent standard.

Panels contain an in-situ light gauge steel or concrete substructure wall panel that can be installed onto any type of foundation or floor slab. Once erected, the Imison wall panels are sprayed on both sides with a high density, fiber-cement technology, called Fibrecote.

The combination of Neopor, the in-situ reinforced substructure and Fibrecote acts as a composite member, providing load bearing or non-load bearing Imison walls with unparalleled strength with the look, feel, and durability of masonry construction, whilst offering far superior insulation and STC values, reduced construction time and at an affordable cost.