Modern Designer Range    Technical data


Tile size (overall):
420 x 332 mm

Nominal tile mass:
5,2 kg

Nominal linear cover:
291 mm
at lock mid-shuffle position.








The side interlock provides for a practical 2 mm play between the tiles (± 1 mm either way of the nominal cover) which gives flexibility when setting out the roof and helps to acheive the correct perpendicular alignment of the courses.

Minimum Roof Pitch 26°
Rafter/Trusses (As per structural requirements)
Rafters centres
760 mm with 38 x 38 mm batten
900 mm with 38 x 50 mm batten fixed flat
1 000 mm with 38 x 50 mm batten on edge
Note: Above 760 mm with rafter spacing can be increased only with engineer-designed trusses and with 38 mm x 50 mm of the correct grade. All structural timber to comply with SABS 536, 653 and 1245.
Underlay SABS approved underlay recommended at all pitches. Modern practice has demonstrated that the underlay is a fundamental part of a tiled roof.
Tiling data at pitches of 26° and above
Minimum tile headlap 100 mm
Maximum batten centres 320 mm
Batten per m2 (net length) 3,13 m
Tiles per m2 (net) 10,8
Mass of tiles per m2 ± 56 kg
Mass per 1 000 tiles ± 5,2 t
Distance from top edge of first batten
to outside edge of fascia board
335 mm
Distance from top edge of top batten to rafter apex 25 mm
Use broken-bond tiling practice only.
At gable ends, parapet walls and abutements, half-tiles are needed at every
second course and must be cut on site to requirement.

All tiling and fixing to comply with SABS 062 : 1991 Code of Practice, with Marley standard fixing specifications and with Marley Health and Safety instruction.