Ondulit AutoSpec

Clotan Steel

Insulating multilayer protected steel roofing

In Ondulit - Coverib roofings:

  • the galvanized steel sheet :
  • - ensures infrangibility and mechanical resistance - grants reduced thermal expansion

  • the 1,700 microns thick anticorrosive protective layers :
  • - completely coat the steel and protect it from oxidization

    - deaden the metal, eliminating any noise problem under the action of rain and hail

    - provide thermal inertia

  • the outer metal foils :
  • - wrap the thick anticorrosive layers preserving their plasticity in time

    - reflect, in natural aluminium finish, thermal radiations.


    The Ondulit multilayer coating system is based upon the protective synergistic effect of the so called "duplex" systems, which guarantee a longer life because of a mutual protection between layers.

    All these specific characteristics of the individual layers integrate perfectly, determining an overall protection of the sheet, which is virtually unlimited in time even in the harshest environmental conditions.

    Ondulit - Coverib roofings have been designed with no weak points: the edges are protected and the bends are rounded, the consistency of the protective layers prevents any accidental exposure of the steel sheet and eliminates any risk of microporosity which all coatings have, regardless of their thickness.

    Durability with no maintenance for over 30 years in industrial and marine environments is certified by I.C.I.T.E. and it's confirmed by almost 50 years of experience and over 90.000.000 square meters installed in every possible weather and environmental conditions.

    I.C.I.T.E. Agreement

    no. 528/00 dated 9.11.2000

    (since 1975 constantly confirmed certification)

    C.S.T.B. Agreement no. 5/99 - 1428

    (since 1983 constantly confirmed certification)