What Makes Smart Glass "Smart"

SmartGlass offers a choice of coating, tinting, toughening,laminating and double glazing options that can be combined to meet a wide range of performance requirements.

Toughened SmartGlass

Toughened glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass, has a high resistance to impact and wind loading, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -200°C to 300°C. Toughened SmartGlass is manufactured by heating normal flat glass and then rapidly cooling the surface using air jets. This toughening process sets up high compressive stresses on the surface of the glass, with balancing tensile stresses in the centre. These balanced stresses give toughened glass its strength, thermal stress resistance and safety properties. The SmartGlass range includes several toughened products designed for structural and safety glazing, curtain walls, partitions, and interior and exterior cladding.

Laminated SmartGlass

Laminated SmartGlass is manufactured by permanently bonding one or more polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer's between sheets of clear, coated or body-tinted float glass under heat and pressure. SmartGlass laminates can incorporate various combinations of clear and tinted glass, transparent or coloured interlayer's, as well as a range of high performance coatings.

Coated Glass

Coated SmartGlass has thin layers of material applied to the surface of the glass to add properties such as reduced light transmission, increased solar energy elimination, colour and aesthetic properties. Examples of coated glass includes mirrors, spectrally selective glass and screened glass

Double Glazed Units

InsulVue™ doubled glazed units are manufactured from two or more panes of glass held apart by a metal spacer and bonded with a primary and secondary seal. Dehydrated air is trapped between the glass panes. InsulVue™ is available in glass combinations that offer a wide range of performance characteristics and appearances

Quality, environmental management and safety

ISO standards

SmartGlass complies fully with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard, and manufactures specific products to other relevant international standards, including BS and ANSI. The SmartGlass manufacturing facility has also attained ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

SABS standards

Laminated and toughened SmartGlass meets the safety requirements of the National Building Regulations as defined by SABS 1263-1. Laminates can also be manufactured on request to meet the SABS 1263-2 standard governing burglar and vandal resistance.


A limited warranty is available for all SmartGlass products for a period not exceeding ten years. The glass is warranted against manufacturing defects only. Adjudication of defects is according to the GSA Manufacturing and GSA Processing customer specification. The technical warranty is based on technical evaluation by GSA of the product failure. The warranty will extend to the replacement of the glass originally ordered to the original delivery address only. SmartGlass also underwrites a workmanship guarantee on all residential installations carried out by certified SmartGlass Partners.