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Conecto is a dynamic international company specializing in the development and production of specialty expansion joints. Conecto Joints are highly innovative products engineered to accommodate all types of structural gaps in large-scale flooring projects where expansion joints are required.


Conecto originated out of the need for an innovative solution to reliably secure and reinforce concrete flooring at the joints between concrete slabs.Using the latest engineering technology Conecto developed a range of expansion joints that more than fulfilled this need.

The Conecto products have been tried and tested for many years in the European construction industry, which has elevated them into being market leaders. Architects, engineers, contractors and developers around the world are now taking advantage of the Conecto solution for its durability and reliability.

Globally recognised by engineers, architects, developers and contractors for innovation and durability, Conecto Joints are manufactured to last.

ALCHIMICA South Africa are the appointed suppliers for Conecto products in South Africa and proud to be associated with the Conecto brand.