Rheinzink AutoSpec

RHEINZINK - The Company

RHEINZINK was founded in 1966. The headquarters, administration base and factory are in Datteln at the edge of the Ruhr District in Germany. Today RHEINZINK belongs to the Grillo group of companies. It has a production capacity of approximately 160,000 tons a year and employs over 800 people worldwide. RHEINZINK is the international market leader of titanium zinc and is represented in 30 countries around the world.,

RHEINZINK - The Material

RHEINZINK is the brand name for a zinc alloy made from zinc with a degree of purity of 99,995% with precisely defined additions of titanium and copper. The products are not coated or painted; they are 100% RHEINZINK. A pleasant blue-grey patina, is created by the weathering of the zinc, which makes the material extremely corrosion resistant. Therefore RHEINZINK never requires maintenance or cleaning and preserves its outstanding properties for many generations even in the harshest South African marine environments. With RHEINZINK; "pre-weathered pro blue grey", you get the natural beauty of the zinc patina from the very first moment.

RHEINZINK - Product Range and Applications

The RHEINZINK product range comprises roofing, facades, gutter systems and efficient solar products. We offer a variety of hand-crafted and profiled technologies. Except for a few exceptions all products are made of 100% RHEINZINK . Thanks to its excellent ductility RHEINZINK is suitable for creating almost any form, so offering maximum scope for design. Convex and concave curves, conical shapes and other applications can be easily formed. With its natural blue-grey finish it blends in harmoniously with all other materials - whether brick, concrete, wood or glass. Due to the wide range of variations in its detailing, the fine line design of the double standing seam complements both traditional and modern architecture. From mountain chalets to modern museums, from avant-garde to traditional, roofs and facades made of RHEINZINK are always an outstanding and high quality solution.


RHEINZINK consultants, with their comprehensive knowledge and expertise, are available to assist with the detailing of RHEINZINK in order to ensure the success of the RHEINZINK application. Thanks to an international network of regional and service support centres, adequate solutions for the most complicated challenges are achieved without compromising quality. In order to prepare the skilled trades for the demands of modern sheet metal and system technology, RHEINZINK offers instructive workshops. These training sessions, which can also take place "on site", make for efficient training in theory and practical application. Comprehensive information on the fundamentals and the latest developments ensure competent handling of high-quality RHEINZINK at all times. Every successful participant is awarded a RHEINZINK qualification certificate.

RHEINZINK - Quality Guarantee and Environmental Standards

An extraordinary commitment to quality is the basis for international recognition of RHEINZINK roof, facade, and gutter systems. With ISO 9001: 2000 certification and the QUALITY ZINC designation by TÜV, an independent German testing institute, all products meet the highest quality criteria. This is assured by a 30 year material guarantee. Following a comprehensive evaluation of its entire lifecycle by an independent Board of the AUB (Association for Environmentally Proofed Building Products), RHEINZINK has been certified as an environmentally compatible building product.

RHEINZINK - Distribution

RHEINZINK products are available nationwide through an association with our South African distributor SAFINTRA -www.safintra.co.za