VersiTrack AutoSpec


Welcome to VersiTrack We are fast becoming the largest manufacturer and installer of Cubical bed screen rails in South Africa. We are currently using Forwin Hospital tracks designed in collaboration with hospital authorities to meet their most stringent efficiency standards.

  • Simple design
  • Lightweight, rigid and robust
  • Low maintenance – wipe clean surfaces, no dust collecting points.
  • Closing of curtains around cubicles is silent and swift
  • Curved design ensures total privacy for each patient

Forwin hospital tracks are a local natural anodized extruded profile and come standard with runners, end stops, spacers and wall mountings.Forwin tracks will either be suspended or ceiling fit and bent in accordance with the layout on the architects drawings.We do not join tracks, we believe in a continuous flow system. We can be on site on short notice and can bent the rail on site as well. We can also assist with your bed screen curtains.